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Render It Black DesignConnected Competition

Texture Distribution

 Texture Distribution Earlier, On Autodesk Area Forum, Lee Griggs had posted a topic about Controlling Primitives with a Texture Map.
You can find it here: He used Maya and XGen to make these great renders with Arnold
He also made other renders here : Grant Warwick succeeded to make it using 3DS Max + Itoo Forest Pro + V-Ray
And here is the tutorial : After that Bertrand Benoit made some nice renders here: At last, I decided to make my own renders using Grant technique
using 3DS Max + Itoo Forest PRO + V-Ray Hope you like it.

My Work was featured in 3D Creative Magazine Issue 117 May 2015 Thank you  3D Creative

Blue Microphones  Yeti USB Microphone  Software Used : 3DS Max + V-Ray + PS 

 Clay Renders 


This is my last work. Randwick House
Personal work for my portfolio
Simulation of a real photo.
Software : 3DS MAX + V-Ray + Photoshop

Thank you For choosing my work :)